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APB-DynaSonics' ProDesk-4 small-format front-of-house consoles incorporate a wealth of professional features derived directly from the company's APB Spectra Series of consoles. Intended for use in Production, AV and Contracting applications, ProDesk-4 stresses simple operation while providing uncompromised audio quality in a compact package. It is a direct derivative of our well received ProRack-House mixers and answers the request of users for a desktop version of this mixer with more inputs and an expanded master section.
ProDesk's audio design is based on our critically acclaimed Spectra Series consoles. This includes the use of minimum phase-shift circuitry, expressive EQ and integrated mic preamplifiers used in a proprietary front end circuit. In addition to superior audio quality, reliability and serviceability are also primary design criteria for ProDesk. Internal construction is based upon a series of passive mother boards and multiple active daughter boards. The active electronics of a single input channel is designed onto two field-replaceable electronics modules. Modular Mic/Line input channel configurations of 16, 24, 32, 40 and 48 are available plus all version of ProDesk-4 also include 4 Stereo Line input channels, one of which is fitted with USB digital audio inputs. Cosmetics and mechanical structures are similar to Spectra, but with a narrower module pitch and shallower front to back dimensions resulting in a truly compact design. Special provision are provided for overall remote muting of the Left-Right, Center, and Mono outputs as well as Group, Auxiliary and Matrix outputs by a rear panel opto-isolated phoenix connector.
ProDesk is fitted with the same ultra reliable plug in power supply developed for APB's Spectra line of consoles. These automatic sensing supplies are designed to operate on all convention world voltages and frequencies without modification. All but the smallest 16 mono input version of ProDesk may be fitted with an optional redundant (current sharing) power supply. Special care has been taken in the design of ProDesk to reduce RF interference and eliminate any Pin-1 related problems.

ProDesk-4™ Feature Overview:

  • Available in modular blocks of 16, 24, 32, 40, and 48 Mic/Line Input Channels.
  • All versions include 4 Stereo Line input channels with Split Track capabilities.
  • Input channels include high quality 100mm Faders, Internally illuminated Mute and PFL switches, 6 segment channel metering, 48 Volt Phantom Power switch with LED, mic/line, Pad and Polarity Reverse switches.
  • 6 Auxiliary sends are switchable pre/post fader in pairs and pre/post EQ as a pre fader group and include 1 pair of auxiliary sends that are switchable between mono and stereo operation.
  • 4 band EQ with sweepable mid-frequencies with a 1 octave bandwidth and EQ On switch with LED, Variable High pass filters with a 20Hz-400Hz with On switch with LED.
  • Outputs include 6 Auxiliary outputs, 4 analog subgroups, 4 matrix outputs, Left/Right, Center, and Mono (subwoofer). All include XLR Balanced output connectors, TRS pre fader insert points, and TRS Balanced bus inputs.
  • Digital USB Stereo Input and Record Output.
  • Four (4) channel mute group system with individual channel mute group active indicators.
  • Remote muting of all primary outputs using a single opto-isolated Phoenix connector and may be configured to respond to an external open or closed (relay) circuit.
  • Internally illuminated PFL, AFL, and Mute indicators on all input and primary output channels.
  • Spectra derived construction includes the use of mother and daughter board construction for easy service and uncompromised performance.
  • Low phase shift and extended bandwidth design.
  • Plug in Power Supply (same unit as used on Spectra Consoles) for ultra reliability. An optional redundant power supply can be added to all but the 16 mono input chassis systems. A console cover is supplied with all models of ProDesk-4.
  • Depth: 23.5" Max Height: 8.9" (without optional lamps).
  • Width: 16 Mono input 30.8", 24 Mono input 38.8", 32 Mono input 46.9", 40 Mono input 55", 48 Mono input 63.1"

ProDesk-4™ Input Module Description:

ProDesk-4 in available in 16, 24, 32, 40, or 48 mono mic/line input channel configurations. All models include an additional 4 Stereo line input channels that are intended for program playback and effect returns. The mono input channels of each model share the same Input and EQ circuitry and control features: 48 volt phantom power switch Mic/Line switch, Mic Pad switch, polarity reverse switch and input sensitivity / level control.

Variable frequency high-pass filters are included on all mono input channels with a 20Hz to 400Hz sweep range at a 12dB per octave attenuation rate. The ProDesk's variable frequency filter, as those found on most large format consoles, enables detailed, tunable control for the removal of unwanted frequencies such as stage rumble and low frequency signal leakage. The ProDesk Mono input channels incorporate fixed high and low frequency EQ bands and two mid-sweep EQ bands with one-octave bandwidth. This EQ includes an EQ On switch with LED.

The ProDesk-4 provides 6 aux send controls; each pair of sends switchable between a pre or post fader source. In the pre-fader position, an additional front panel switch determines if that pre-fader signal is derived pre or post EQ. On mono input channels Aux controls 1 and 2 may be switched to become a stereo pair with Aux pot 1 becoming the pan control to buses 1-2, while Aux pot 2 controls the overall level of the pair. All Auxiliary mix outputs have TRS bus input and insert connectors, and XLR balanced output connectors.

On the ProDesk-4, the operator can assign the input channel assignment to Left-Right, Center and Mono mix buses and to analog subgroups 1-2 and 3-4. Large, internally illuminated Mute and PFL switches are provided along with 6-segment LED metering and high quality 100mm faders; the same type used in the Spectra series consoles. A four channel mute group system is provided with its own mute group active LED indicator. Four internally illuminated switches within the master section are used to activate this mute group system.

Each of the four provided stereo line input channels have balanced TRS input connectors. Input source switches on channels A, B, and C can be selected to accept signals from stereo RCA inputs while stereo input D may be selected to accept a USB Digital input signal from the consoles rear panel. A "Split Track" mode of operation may be selected on each of the stereo input channels that will allow a mono "mix" of L and R to be selectively sent to the Pre Aux feeds and to the Pre Fader signal paths. The Stereo line input channels feature four band fixed frequency EQ and the same assignment and mute system as provided on mono input channels.

ProDesk-4™ Master Section Description:

ProDesk4™ Master Section
The master block of ProDesk-4 contains 100mm output level controls for the Left-Right, Center and Mono signals. Peak and Signal present LED's monitor mix bus levels and Mute switches are provided for Left, Right, Center, and Mono outputs. A balance control is incorporated on the Left/Right output channels. Each of these master outputs have 16 segment LED peak/VU/combo ballistics output meters that also serve as solo meters. A fader reverse switch is provided for the Mono fader to allow it to control the output levels of Aux 6 when being used for an auxiliary derived subwoofer mix. Balanced XLR outputs are provided as are balanced TRS bus inputs and TRS insert points on all outputs.

The four analog Subgroups each incorporate 100mm master faders. Peak and Signal present LED's monitor mix bus levels full time. Internally illuminated Mute and AFL switches and Left/Right, Center, Mono assignment switches, and Matrix Pre/Post fader switches are provided for each group mix. LED output metering, balanced XLR outputs, TRS bus inputs and TRS insert points are provided for each group output.
Each of the 6 auxiliary master sections include level, internally illuminated mute and AFL switches, and Peak/Signal present LED monitoring of mix bus levels. All auxiliary outputs are on XLR balanced connectors and each auxiliary section includes TRS balanced input connectors and pre-level control / pre-AFL switch TRS insert connectors.

A four channel Matrix system is provided. Signal source for each of the matrix sections include the Left, Right, Center, and Mono signals, selectable pre or post their master level faders. Each of the 4 group signals is available to each matrix, also front panel switch derived pre or post from their associated group level fader. An external input is provided into each matrix by balanced TRS connector. These connectors are normalled together so that a signal plugged only into Matrix 1 will appear on all four matrix external input level controls if no connector is plugged into the remaining external input connectors. All matrix outputs are on balanced XLR output connectors and each matrix section includes TRS balanced input connectors and pre-level control / pre-AFL switch TRS insert connectors.

A Stereo Program Input section may be selected to receive its input signal from a front panel mounted stereo 1/8" input connector, rear panel left and right TRS balanced and RCA input connectors, or a stereo USB digital input (same signal that is made available to Line input Source D). A stereo program input level control with high and low frequency EQ controls are provided as well as separate left and right peak / signal present LED indicators plus Solo and Mute switches. The stereo program input may be assigned to any combination of Left-Right, Center, Mono, Matrix 1-2, Matrix 3-4, and Auxiliary 1-2 mix buses.

An alternated output section labeled Stereo Record Output includes a stereo output level control feeding stereo TRS balanced and RCA output connectors plus a stereo USB Digital output. Mute and Solo switches are provided. The output source can be any combination of Left-Right, Center, Mono, Matrix 1-2 and Aux 1-2. This output can be switch selected to operate in stereo or mono and it may be sourced pre or post their master level controls.

Separate level controls are provided for Headphone and Monitor outputs and each have separate solo off switches with LED indicators. Any combination of Left-Right, Center, Mono, and Aux 1-2 may be switched to be monitored in stereo or mono, pre or post their master level controls. A solo trim control is provided with on switch with LED. Both " and 1/8" headphone connectors are provided under the front panel armrest. Monitor outputs are located on the rear panel and include both left and right balanced " TRS connectors plus additional summed output " TRS connector for use with subwoofers in near field monitoring applications.

The Talkback system provides access to the Left-Right, Center, and Mono outputs as well as assignments to each auxiliary pair and to the matrix and group outputs. The talkback signal is activated by a "smart" switch that acts both as a momentary on or as a latching on switch. The talkback on source can be switch from an XLR microphone input connector located under the front panel armrest to a reference signal, selectable between noise and a 1 kHz tone.

ProDesk-4™ PDF Module Drawings:

ProDesk-4 Input Block
ProDesk-4 Input Block
ProDesk-4 Stereo Inputs and Master Block
ProDesk-4 Stereo Inputs and Master Block

Rear Panel Description:

A series of module blocks make up the rear panel system of ProDesk-4. Removal of four or six screws and unfastening of locking ribbon connectors allow for easy removal or replacement of any of these rear panels. In all input configurations, a master output connector panel is provided along with two (2) to six (6) identical rear input panels depending upon the consoles input configuration. A removable plate on each of these panels will be fitted with either a blank panel, Program / Monitor / Remote mute connectors (one fitted per console configuration), or Power Supply. On input configurations greater than 16 mono mic/line input channels (three or more input panels), and option redundant power supply may be fitted adjacent to the existing power supply when ordered ("P" Configuration) or for after market installation as all internal electronics for use with the redundant (current sharing) power supply is already in place.

ProDesk-4™ PDF Rear Panel Drawings:

ProDesk-4 Rear Panels
ProDesk-4 Rear Panels

ProDesk-4™ Master Interface Module:
Including USB Stereo Program in and Out and user configurable "Mute All" Phoenix connector

Master Interface

ProDesk-4™ Specifications:

Frequency Response +0/-0.5dB 20Hz - 20kHz Ref 1kHz (Any input to any output)
Noise Mic EIN Less than -128dBu (150 ohm source, 60dB gain)
Bus Noise ‹-85dBu 20Hz - 20kHz 32 Channels routed with faders down, Master fader at unity.
‹-95dBu with Master fader down
THD ‹0.02% Mic Input to Main Outputs (Left/Right/Center/Mono )
Crosstalk at 1kHz ‹-90dB Channel to Channel
‹-90dB Channel to Mix
‹-90dB Mix to Mix
‹-90dB Fader Attenuation
Phase Shift ‹ +/- 15 degrees @ 20Hz - 20kHz
Maximum Input Levels +31dBu (with Pad) Mic Pre-amp Input
+21dBu All Other Inputs
Nominal Output Levels +4dBu
Maximum Output Levels Capable of driving 600 ohms or greater
Balanced Mains (Left/Right/Center/Mono), Aux Outputs 1 through 6, Matrix Outputs 1 through 4
+28dBu into 2k ohm or higher - All Other Outputs +21dBu Impedance Balanced
Mic Inputs
Max Voltage Gain: Mic In to Main Out
Line Inputs
Mix/Aux Outputs
Monitor/Direct Outputs
Headphone Output
Insert Sends
Insert Returns
RCA Input
USB Digital Output
4k ohm balanced
›10k ohm balanced
100 ohms Balanced
100 ohm Ground Compensated
To drive 8 ohms or greater - 1/4" and 1/8" connectors
100 ohm Unbalanced
10k ohms Unbalanced
10k ohms Unbalanced
Stereo 16 Bit
Master Metering Four - 16-segment LED meters - Modes:
Peak, Average, or Simultaneous Peak/Average
Master Outputs (4) - Left / Right / Center / Mono
Four - 8 Segment LED meters - Group Outputs (4)
Solo Metering and Solo ON LED - Shares Center /Mono master meters
Mono Input Channel Metering 6-Segment LED with multi-point clip warning
Mono Input Channel EQ Low Cut Filter = 12dB/oct @ 20Hz to 400 Hz
Low Frequency EQ = +/- 15dB @ 80Hz Shelving
Low Mid EQ = +/- 15dB @ 80Hz to 2kHz @ 1 octave BW
High Mid EQ = +/- 15dB @ 400Hz to 8kHz @ 1 octave BW
High Frequency EQ = +/- 15dB @12kHz Shelving
Channel Access Insert Point: Post Low-Cut Filter / Pre-EQ
Direct Out: Post Pre-amp / Pre Low-Cut filter (default)
APB-DynaSonics, Inc. reserves the right to alter design features and specifications without prior notice as part of its ongoing development program.