The MixSwitch™family of products from APB-DynaSonics is a versatile, multi-channel audio switching and combining system that takes up only 1U of rack space. Typical applications include selecting between the Primary console and Backup console, or between Headline and Opening Act consoles in concert/presentation situations. When in SUM mode, MixSwitch allows for the simultaneous use of both consoles (equally mixed). In club applications, selection between FOH and DJ mixers into a common audio system can easily be performed. Each MixSwitch unit can control two sources of up to 4 line-level audio signals; Slave units can be added to jointly control additional line-level audio signal signals (2 sources of 4 Line inputs per unit).

MixSwitch™ is available in its original professional touring version, referred to as MixSwitch™, or a simplified Contractor version with switching functions only and referred to as the MixSwitch™ MixSwitch™-C. When only switching functions are required, both units are interchangeable and MixSwitch™ MixSwitch™-C may be used to expand the number of line inputs switched in place of the standard MixSwitch-Expander.

The MixSwitch™ master features an Announce microphone input and a Stereo Program input for music playback, each with EQ, Limiting and assignment to any of the 4 outputs. An additional Stereo XLR line input allows connection to a third console or facility input. These additional inputs are independent of the primary or secondary console selection (Slave units and MixSwitch™-C lack these additional audio input sources). One bonus provided by these additional inputs is the ability to do an early teardown of the FOH console at the end of a performance; the announce mic and exit music can be routed through the MixSwitch instead of the console reducing load out time and costs.

The MixSwitch™ / MixSwitch™-C is available with a user accessible switch or a Key Lock Switch. This is a simplified version of MixSwitch optimized for Contracting applications or in lower cost touring applications. Only switching and summing functions are available though these functions may be controlled from the front panel or remotely.

MixSwitch™ Features:

  • Provides ability to easily switch between a primary digital or analog console and a backup console (MixSwitch and MixSwitch-C)
  • Select between headline and opening act consoles In concert/presentation situations In SWITCH mode or operate both consoles simultaneously In SUM mode (MixSwitch and MixSwitch-C)
  • Allows selection between FOH and DJ mixers In club applications (MixSwitch and MixSwitch-C)
  • Announce microphone input with EQ and limiting independent of primary or secondary consoles (MixSwitch master unit only)
  • Stereo program input with EQ and limiting for music playback independent of primary or secondary consoles (MixSwitch master unit only)
  • Additional stereo XLR line input allows connection to a third console or facility input (MixSwitch master unit only)
  • Input And Output Monitoring via LED Meters and Audio Solo (MixSwtch Model Only)
  • Highest possible audio performance THAT ® Corporation InGenius ® devices used on all primary XLR analog inputs
  • Slave units may be linked together for use with monitor consoles or wherever more line signals require switching (MixSwitch and MixSwitch-C)
  • Auto-Bypass of primary input to output in case of power failure (MixSwtch model only)
  • Connectors for remote switching and tally (MixSwtch model only)

MixSwitch and MixSwitch Expander Rear Panel

MixSwitch-C Rear Panel

MixSwitch Specifications:

Main Inputs (A & B)

Balanced XLR Input: Rear XLR Jacks with InGenius inputs

Gain: Input to Output:
Input Z (Differential):
Input Z (Common Mode):
Max Input:
THD + Noise:
Frequency Response:
Phase response:
0 dB (+/- 0.2dB)
> 20k Ω
> 200k Ω
< 0.001% @ 15dBu Input-Output 20-20kHz BW
< +/- 0.5dB 10Hz to 100kHz @+15dBu (ref 1kHz)
< +/-5 degrees, 10Hz to 50kHz (ref 1kHz)

Main Outputs:

Balanced XLR using OutSmarts® Driver ICs (also capable of unbalanced operation)

Max Output Level:
Balanced Output Z:
Residual Output Noise:
+26dBu (into 600 ohms or greater)
50 Ω
< -95 dBu with all inputs unassigned (20-20kHz BW)

MixSwitch Usage Examples: